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Shop-Dovgan.de - Catalog / Russian products / Vodka & spirits / "Siberian Vodka Five Lakes special" 40% vol., 0,7 L
"Siberian Vodka Five Lakes special" 40% vol., 0,7 L[1993000]

Price: 12.99EUR 11.99EUR - 18,56 €/1L

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Five Lakes Special has absorbed full potency of Siberian herbs, sweet clover and holy grass which are famous for their unique properties. ‘Living’ taiga water, the purest alcohol ‘Luxe’ and natural infusion of Western Siberia meadow herbs give special character to Five Lakes Special vodka.

Five Lakes vodka is made at one and only location in Siberia, at Omskvinprom distillery.

Composition of Five Lakes includes water which feeds Taiga lakes. This water is not only unique, but also oxygenated and with silver content. People call it the ‘life-giving water’. In order to preserve its natural composition water undergoes mild purification. Precisely this mild water is mixed with the purest alcohol ‘Luxe’.


Five Lakes brand’s successful sales prove that millions of people all over the world have confidence in traditional vodka. It has no taste boosters or flavor enhancers: it’s a classic vodka.


Attention please: Alcohol is not for sale to people under the age of 18.
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